Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"The Paramount" Dunk Release

The Paramount dunk will drop this Sunday. 29.06.08 10pm Est.

exclusively at www.royalefam.com
check back for product pics during the week.

(to be precise it is 29th june / sunday 10pm NYC timezone and 30th June / monday 10am Singapore time)

Issue: SBTG & Lazy
Model: Dunk Lo
Sizes: 8.5 - 11
Qty: 15 pairs limited.
( this will be a one time collab, no re runs will be made involving both artists )

Price: US$550 + shipping / handling.

Featuring: Regalia colored selvage denim, olive drab british SAS shemagh, faux Croc leather swoosh and laced with Starks "GRG" laces to complete the look.

For everyone, we have decided not to bump up the prices although this has been a much more labor intensive joint.

We hope that you can enjoy this release just as much as we did making them.

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Geseho x NB SG x SO x ST x Lazy Collab Work Shirt

Geseho x New Balance SG x Sole Obsession x Streething x Lazy Collab Work Shirt.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy x SBTG "The Paramount" Dunk

Lazy x SBTG "The Paramount" Dunk Low... Coming Soon.

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Lazy Jailbreaker on Custom Kicks

Lazy Jailbreaker on Custom Kicks by Kim Smits and Matthijs Maat.

Get your copy HERE.
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